Friday, July 2, 2010

Butterfly Fireworks

 Our backyard has been having a Fourth of July fireworks preview.  Butterflies have been exploding onto the scene in our garden.  I have been viewing electrifying reds, oranges and yellows from the different butterflies on display.

A Red Admiral butterfly is feeding  on the top right of this butterfly bush bloom.
Initially I thought our garden only attracted Monarch butterflies.  After watching the plants for a few days, I realized that we have a number of species coming to visit.  It has been a learning experience in our backyard.
On the lower third of the branch is a Monarch butterfly.

Ben had decided a month back to purchase a butterfly kit.  He ordered a batch of American Painted Lady caterpillars.  They dutifully changed into chrysalises within a week and hatched into gorgeous butterflies a week after.

The kids' fascination with butterflies made me realize what a miracle it is to see caterpillars transform into butterflies.  I don't take them for granted anymore.  Butterflies represent true beauty and delicateness.

Situated on the right of the butterfly bush flower is a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.
After watching our backyard for a few days in a row.  I recognized that our plants attracted Red Admiral, Easter Tiger Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies.  What a feat!  Now I'm thinking about what plants I can add to our backyard so that we can get additional species.

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