Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Got iPhone 4?

Sometimes it is frustrating being an early adopter.  I just got my package from ShenZhen, China around lunch time.  I couldn't believe that FedEx delivered my new iPhone 4 to me a day early.

Diane is not too excited about her iPhone 4.
I decided not to skip lunch.  Tim and I had a leisurely meal with leftovers.  Boy, I am glad I didn't rush upstairs to activate my phone.

After I opened the package to see a sleek new phone (Apple does an exceptional job on presentation), I thought I would remove my sim card from my old iPhone 3G.  It took me a couple of minutes wrestling with a paper clip and watching a video to get it out.

I thought erroneously that I had to place my old sim card into the new iPhone 4.  After a call to Mike, he cleared up my confusion.  The sim cards are different sizes with the iPhone 3G and 4.  I just waisted another ten minutes doing the wrong thing.

Early adopters do make a number of mistakes trying to figure out how new technology works.  That can be real exasperating.  Especially when you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the technology rainbow.

Mike suggested that I plug in my new iPhone 4 to the computer and let it sync with iTunes.  Supposedly I could activate my new phone this way.  Not!!!!  AT & T has decided that early recipients should wait one more day till all their counterparts receive their new phones.  Why did I have to be awarded this punishment?

It is like getting a Christmas present with no batteries.  Oh and the convenience store is inconveniently closed that Christmas.  Come on AT & T, you can do better.  Why did Apple and FedEx work so hard to exceed expectations while AT & T decided to be average or worse.  If I didn't like my iPhone so much, I probably would be a Verizon customer.


  1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I guess you haven't kept up with the new bytes on how they were distributing the phone. I am sure it will all work tomorrow.

  2. Gosh, and to think that it wasn't so very long ago that we didn't even need cell phones...

    Oh, wait - I still don't.

    Sorry about your frustration, Di!