Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a Happy Camper

After posting yesterday, the phone gods must have heard me.  AT& T decided to step up their iPhone activation system for the early recipients.  I was able to get my new phone working yesterday evening.

Diane is much happier with her new iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 is all that they promised and more.  I like the new design of the phone.  It is narrower and slightly thinner.  The glass does attract thumbprints galore but the screen is crisp.

After playing Angry Birds, I could tell that the phone was a vast improvement over my old 3G.  The game loaded faster and had crystal clear graphics.  You have to see it to believe it on this tiny screen.

One of my favorite educational apps' Star Walk, shows great pictures of the day with the new phone.  Even Google Earth displays most beautifully.  Apple once again is a leader with graphics.

Probably the most anticipated feature of the iPhone 4 is the software update.  I know you can have multitasking with the earlier phones, but it is lovely to have on the new phone.  Now I can have folders for all my favorite apps.  I made a news folder along with separate movie, educational and games apps' folder.  The multitasking feature is so helpful now.  I can now leave an app open, go to another application and then return to the previous app without reloading it (provided I stay within the folder I created).

Overall, I am a happy camper with my new iPhone 4.  I didn't have to wait in line for three hours in the Apple store to get mine.  It came straight to my house.  If only AT& T had their act together, it would have been a near perfect experience.  

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